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Mysore Programs

Mysore Style is the traditional way of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. In this method students learn a fixed order of postures combining breathing with movement. Every student performs the practice at their own pace allowing the teacher to give personalized instructions and adjustments. In the sequences each posture builds from the previous and prepares for successive one. The atmosphere created in a Mysore room is very unique and if the practice is done integrating tristana (posture + breathing system + focal point) it has the potencial to induce a meditative experience.


Special classes designed to help students to deepen on their knowledge about postures and philosophy of yoga. Both aspects integrated will give the practitioners a wider understanding of yoga that is according to the traditional teachings of the ancient sage Patanjali.

Private classes

One on one instruction for those who are looking for a highly personalized learning. The duration and content of the classes is adapted to the needs and goals of each practitioner.

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